The NWT Badminton Association has implemented policies and procedures to provide a fair atmosphere to our membership. We update our policies and procedures on an annual basis and like to get feedback from our members. If you have any suggestions on our policies and procedures, please submit written comments to an individual on our board who will bring it forward to the NWT Badminton Association for consideration.

Code of Conduct, Policies & Appeals

Constitution 2001 

  • Name:
    The name of the organization shall be the Northwest Territories Badminton Association.
  • Purpose:
    To Promote and foster the game of Badminton in the Northwest Territories.
    The Association is a non-profit registered under the Societies Act of the Northwest Territories.
  • Place of Operation:
    The operation of the Association shall be carried on primarily in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and in those other communities in the Northwest Territories in which members of the Executive may reside during their tenure as officers.